Improving the Status Quo

We are committed to creating a better world for all, not just some.

The AntiFragile Movement is driven by a single goal; to improve economic mobility by working to close the wealth, income, and financial literacy gap for Metro Atlanta citizens, with an emphasis on women and marginalized groups.

The truth is, there’s a lot of power in financial and wealth literacy. The ability to create and manage wealth and to achieve financial equity means a lot of great things that shouldn’t be limited to rich men in suits in New York City, and the wealthy families they serve. ​ ​

Economic participation amongst those whom the current norms do not currently serve truly means bringing the power back to the people. 

Because money talks. 

Metro Atlanta’s cities contain multitudes. Its citizens are diverse, educated, scrappy, and are full of talent and potential. Adding financial knowledge and industry to our local economy and expertise creates a better future for ourselves, the ones we love, and our diverse community.



Making A Difference

The face of finance is changing, and Metro Atlanta is poised to take the world by storm.

What we do is simple: we provide programming and host exciting instructional and networking events that promote a more positive narrative toward financial and economic equality and participation through engaging lectures and themes.


Changing the Game

Closing the gender and racial wealth gap is important in the pursuit of social justice and equity.


Coming Together

Attend an event, network with like-minded individuals, and have a direct impact on shaping the future.



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